Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Reviewer - Cassidy Tucker (Known as CassJayTuck on Youtube)

I just found this amazing book reviewer on YouTube! She is so awesome, i absolutely love her videos, (you should post more often, Cassidy). Here is the link if any of you are curious and want to check her videos out.
She brings up a lot of good points (she also does randoms thoughts) as to why people hate Twilight, and other awesome reviews. She only has a few reviews at the moment, but they are all thorough and funny. She definitely has a sense of humor, but also gives you as much info on the book as she can! Definitely going to read the books she had reviewed!! Hope you are reading this, Cassidy!! :) I hope you do more posts more often!! See you guys later, and please check out her YouTube videos!! :)
Here is the link again, if you are too blind to notice it a few lines above:
Hasta la vista!

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