Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Fandomly Rereadable
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I just finished reading the first and second books of The Hunger Games trilogy! They are absolutely amazing! I am so afraid the series will end with the last(third) one, but I am already halfway through it! The continuously unfolding plot of Katniss's relationship with Peeta and Gale and her personality-quick thoughts and strength-is absolutely breathtaking. It makes you want to cry and laugh and scream as you read and delve deeper into the wonderfully well-written novel. You will put the book down unwillingly. You need to read these books. They are wonderful! 
I know that once a book becomes popular, many people just don't want to read it, because everyone else is; but, trust me this book is so inspiring and awesome!
I am now a huge fan of this series and I have reread the books several times!  This book series is one of my favorite book series and I highly recommend buying it rather than borrowing it! 
Thanks for tuning in! Catch you later!


  1. I'm following you now!! come follow the blog i help with!!

  2. I really wanna read this series now.

  3. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Thnaks for letting me borrow it:)