Monday, September 17, 2012

Dust Blog Tour - Tens List

Hey, you guys! So, when I signed up for this tour, I signed up for a book review and a "Tens List". For those of you who don't know, for a Tens List there is a given topic and the person must list their "Top Ten" of that topic. That explanation probably made no sense.
So, anyway, when the time came to think of a topic to give the author of Dust, Devon Ashley, a topic, I wasn't sure what to say. 
In the end, this was the topic I chose:
Top Ten Places (Can be states, countries, cities, towns, museums, lakes, etc... or a variation)
These were her answers: 

10. PORTLAND, OREGON – Okay, this makes the list cause my hubby and I would love to move there. You’ve got gorgeous mountaintops with an infinite number of luscious trees, and within driving distance is surfing, skiing, hiking, and a large river for rafting. Totally our dream location for setting up a homestead.

9. IRELAND – I’ve actually already spent a week driving throughout Ireland and N. Ireland, but it’s so beautiful I could do it again and again.

8. HAWAII – Any island will do, but the more remote and tourist-free, the better.

7. GREEK ISLANDS – Pharaohs, pyramids and mummies – Oh, my! HOGWART’S AT DISNEY WORLD –Yep…had to throw this one in here. Harry Potter is EPIC and I can’t wait until my kiddo ages a few more years so *cough* he can go! Let the Harry Potter brain washing begin!

5. ALASKA – I’m a sucker for gorgeous mountains surrounded by lush forests. Not to mention the log cabins, grizzlies, whales, etc. NEW ZEALAND – An absolutely gorgeous country! I plan to spend quite a bit of time exploring there one day. J

3. ITALY – I want to see so many different areas of this country that I’m gonna put it all under one number. Florence, Venice, along the Mediterrenean Coast. I think just traveling from city to city by train or taking some of the river cruise boats would be awesome. 

2. PARIS, FRANCE – Uh, seriously, this should be on everyone’s list! It’s beautiful, it’s romantic, and the sights and museums are endless. My last trip there was a mere day and a half and I absolutely will be returning to really take it all in. REPUBLIC OF PALAU – Absolutely gorgeous turquoise water, awesome scuba diving sites, and jelly fish lake! Yes, you can go swimming with the jelly fish – since they’ve been isolated so long from predators, evolution has removed their stingers, so feel free to get lost within the thousands that live there. Everything about this place is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately it’s become a little more popular since they filmed Survivor there, but it’s still a pretty isolated place to visit.
 Man…now I wanna go on vacation! Anyone else ready to ditch work for a few days and disappear too?

 I loved her answers, and I really want to know what your top ten places to visit would be? Leave it in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


  1. I've wanted to travel through Europe as long as I can remember and France, England & Ireland are top of my list! (as well as Italy, Norway, Germany..)
    Nice list! I hadn't heard of the Disney World Hogwarts but now I have to go! :D

    1. France is fantastic! I've been there and I want to go again! Those are at the top of my list, too! :D Awesome choices! :)
      I have been dying to go to Disney World Hogwarts ever since it opened but I have not had the chance to!

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    1. That's an interesting choice, I'd never thought about that!
      Now that I'm thinking about it, I really like that idea!